Planning your Bridal Makeup -advise from a makeup artist

Want your wedding makeup to look flawless both on and of camera on your wedding day but not sure where to start? Below I share some key factors to consider while planning your bridal makeup look

Although each makeup artist have their own tips on planning your bridal makeup look I am confident that after considering these tips it will make your planning a bit easier

Your personality

Ask yourself the following questions:

What are you comfortable with?

How do you usually wear your makeup?

Do you like to rock a bold lip ?

Does dramatic eye makeup excite you ?

Do you prefer a more neutral approach to makeup?

The answers to these questions is a good place to start looking for makeup inspiration for your wedding makeup.

Not sure if you should consider false lashes for your bridal makeup look? Read my opinion on falsies here

Your wedding dress style

Your bridal makeup can complement your dress style and bring the whole look together.

Is your dress vintage style? So then perhaps you could consider a vintage style makeup – bold liner and red lips?

Got a soft and romantic dress? Soft rosy shades would go well?

Are you an anti bride with a rock and roll style..or are you more into more timeless and classic pieces?

A makeup style from the same category will really bring the whole look together and have a strong visual impact

The theme of the wedding

This essentially ties in with your dress style which we just discussed.

The look and feel of the wedding can be translated into your bridal makeup look too.

For example if you pan to have a relaxed beach wedding then beachy, bronzed tones could be considered for your bridal makeup.

The Wedding Photographer’s style

Makeup for photography always needs to be a bit more than day to day makeup to show up well on camera … However your photographer’s style of editing also plays a big role.

If you booked a photographer with a light and airy feel – a bit more color and depth is needed as the makeup appears lighter on those kinds of photos.

While soft and medium toned makeup would appear more flattering if you booked a photographer you with a warmer and more saturated editing style

Preparing your skin

This should be part of planning your makeup look and not left to the last minute for the best results

Giving your skin a bit of extra love and attention leading up to the wedding will not only make you feel pampered but most importantly leave your skin glowing.

Its also creates a great canvas for your bridal makeup . Your makeup will look better, wear longer on smooth and hydrated skin.

All considered , at the end of the day it is your wedding day and it should be exactly how you want it to be. These tips are merely a guideline in the hopes I have lessened the stress of planning your bridal makeup. Or in the very least given you a nudge in the right direction .