Family Photo Shoot – How to Plan for your session

So you have booked a special family photo shoot to capture some lasting treasures of the whole family? Well done you definitely will not regret that. I will go as far as saying it’s one of the best decisions you can make. An investment if you please.

As mamma’s we take a thousand images of our children daily. We great at documenting their lives. But we are not always part of those images. And as much as we treasure those beautiful photos of our little ones. They will treasure having some good photos of mom with them too.

My top tips for planning your family photo shoot.

Make up tips:

Your makeup doesn’t need to match your outfit.

It’s more important for your makeup to accentuate your features and work with your skin tone than matching the colors of your outfit.

Book a professional hair & makeup artist

This will take a huge amount of stress of your shoulders. Obviously , you would look extra fabulous but this also gives you a bit of time to get into the right frame of mind for the session and you will look more relaxed in the images.

Bonus if your makeup artist can come to your house and double bonus if hubby can watch the kids and you can sneak out for a quick hair and makeup session.

Prep your skin the night before.

A good exfoliation and lots of hydration will create a silky smooth and plump canvas for your makeup.

If you would love more in depth advise on getting a healthy glow read my blog here:

Getting the kids ready

Make sure everyone has eaten beforehand so that will curb any grumpiness. You also want to avoid giving the kids anything colored (food or drinks) or sticky to eat during the shoot (don’t want to mess on those cute outfits)

While it is advisable not to let the little ones eat during the shoot. It isn’t entirely a bad idea to pack some snacks if you are having an on location shoot. (This can keep them occupied while mom and dad are having a few images together)

Dress the kids on location or just before leaving the house.

Clothing tips:

Not everything has to match

Gone are the days where everyone has to wear the same color. Mix things up with different shades and hues or even play around with contrasting colors.

Pick your prints and patterns with intent

While building your color pallet for the family shoot decide who will wear prints and who wont. Try to avoid to many different prints and patterns as it will be hard to find a focus point in the images. Let one or two members of the family wear print. Be sure to pair your prints with some single colored items too.

Lastly but very importantly

Don’t be shy to chat to your photographer. From sharing clothing options to nap schedules help them help you .