Bridal Survival Kit

Bridal Survival kit , wedding prepartion

A Bridal Survival kit is probably the last thing on your wedding brain while planning the most perfect day of your life. In between table seating plans, dress hunting and all those appointments who wants to think of something to carry along other than a beautiful bouquet of flowers on their wedding day?

Is a Bridal Survival Kit really necessary?

Being a makeup artist I spend a great deal of time with brides getting ready on there wedding day and we have made it through some interesting situations hence why I highly recommend you have some form of this survival kit on hand to deal with any surprises on your big day.

So dear future bride I have compiled a little checklist for you of essential . Just a few things to have at hand on your wedding day. It is meant to be customized to suite your needs, therefore a DIY  is the best.

First things first, this should not be on your to do list but rather a bridesmaid or even moms’ duty!  Ask the person that will be closest to you on the wedding day to put together a bridal survival kit for you .

The bridal survival kit is to be kept with her throughout the ceremony and reception so keep it realistic and practical. A huge heavy bag won’t be complimenting to any outfit. Think stylish clutch bag. Multi-functional products and travel sizes.

Download the Bridal Survival Kit Checklist here:

Remember that the type of wedding you will have is a big determining factor of what you will and won’t need (is it outdoors, is it morning or late night etc.)

Here are my bridal survival kit recommendations:

A must have as it’s a day of a lot of smiling, eating and kissing.


An obvious one.


For touch up after all the congratulatory kisses. * Remember this one during your couples photoshoot.

Powder/ Blotting paper :

Consider this if you have oily skin or having an outdoor wedding. Matte the face before the photoshoot and or after a few hours of dancing. You can use either one to achieve the same effect. Blot papers are films you dab on the skin that soaks up oil without adding color to your makeup and doesn’t remove makeup. You will need to dispose of the film however.

Little scissors:

The trusty friend and most used item! That can cut ribbons or strange pieces of material off dresses, open packages, used as pliers and so much more at each wedding we discover a new use for this baby! A small nail scissors will do.


Things break all the time at the most inconvenient time. Use for jewelry pieces not co-operating, shoes or to add bling to something.

Safety Pins:

For any attire emergency.

Bobby Pins:

The hairdresser’s responsibility, yes. More often than not after she leaves you might see a hair out of place or later that day need to secure some free-spirited hair strands. They also work well to secure veils, flower crowns, headpieces.


While most places ensure you have this in your room, some require you to bring your own. Be sure to find out from your venue. I don’t need to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated (especially if Champagne is flowing or if you taking calming aids)

Sewing Kits:

Good to have if a button falls of or a hem comes loose.

Band –aids:

For tired and blistered feet or an unexpected injury.

Pain killers:

While you more than likely to be walking between the clouds on your wedding day, nervousness and stressing could lead to a tension head ache. Uncomfortable shoes can be painful.

Anti-histamine / Allergex

Think of this if you are having an outdoor wedding or taking photos on the grass, if you have allergies or sinus or allergic to bees / or anyone else coming to your wedding with unidentified food allergies.

Eye drops:

This one is great for sensitive bride or if you prone to allergies, having a sunny outdoor, morning or afternoon wedding. If you’re a crier this will help with the redness, vital for the photoshoot session.

Hair spray:

Something simple but almost at every wedding I work on someone is asking for it while they are getting ready. I recommend a small travel size bottle. Some photoshoots can get creative so it comes in handy as a touch up.


Think of this one if you will be having a dance floor or outdoor wedding in the summer.

Natural Calming aids:

For the nervous brides. These are for the getting ready stage or if you will be saying a speech. While I am a fan of a cup of chamomile tea, some brides prefer a tablet or some drops that you can get at Dis-Chem or any pharmacy.

That’s it from my side… Happy planning ladies!

Much Love