Cherished life lessons learnt as a makeup artist

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Life Lessons. Hmm… This term can sound pretty harsh when you think of the saying ” learn the hard way” but I thought it sums up best what I would like to share with you today. Through time these 4 points have made my work and my life so much easier. My most cherished life lessons learnt through working as a makeup artist.


This is the single best piece of advise I have received from one of my trainers. I still use it every time I do makeup. It makeup picture can be helpful to stop for a minute, take a step back to assess the situation .

When you’re working closely on a face it is so easy to get blinded by what is in front of you. Lines tend to blur therefore it helps to take a step back to observe your work with a fresh perspective. To get a sense of the full picture.  And it is the same in life.

When you find yourself caught up in life, be it a bad day,  something challenging or even something exciting; you should take a step back to reassess. Look at the bigger picture and refresh your perspective on things,  then continue…



makeup clean upThere is always something you can do to rectify a mistake or in the least improve the situation .

(unless you did permanent make up 🙂 )

Being a makeup artist can be challenging at times. Essentially, our job is all about translating our clients ideas; just as they describe them , onto their faces . Trying to bring to life what they have in their minds. Therefore, I always assure my clients that it is just makeup. Makeup which can simply be wiped off  in order for us to try something else. No matter how many times. Until it is exactly like what they have had in mind.

I have taken the same approach to life. When I make what seems to be a mistake or something I regret. I choose not to dwell on the mess. Instead I search for ways to ‘clean it up’ , fix it or I just try again until I am happy with the outcome.



Sure, you’ve heard this one before. Most likely more than once. This statement need no elaboration as its something makeup practice makes perfectthat’s been drilled into a lot of us from young.

Makeup is a skill that you should continue to practice if you want to stay on top of your game. There is always room for improvement (oh look – another very true cliché). When I became a makeup artist this statement became so real to me.

The phrase “practice makes perfect” not only signifies that you have to repeat the same thing to become good at it but that you have to also practice new things to remain good at what you do. Practice – the word in it self is an ongoing story always in the present continuous tense.



makeup flauntYes, Girl! Let that highlighter blind them.

As a makeup artist I focus on a persons’ best and most attractive features. I then drape it in highlighter. Highlighter makes those features stand out even more and when light hits it – it shines. Whilst in that moment all you can see is what you love about yourself.

You should know your strengths and weaknesses in life yes.  But instead of always trying to improve on your weaknesses (which isn’t a bad thing) put all your effort into your strengths and watch them grow.

Girl, don’t focus so hard on what you can’t do and whom your not – instead flaunt and celebrate who you are and what you can do.

Well, that is all from my side today. I hope you could take away something from my cherished life lessons. If you have a life lesson you cherish please do share.  I would love to hear from you.



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