To Fake or Not to Fake?

Although I believe that mascara is a girl’s best friend, I would almost always say YES if a future bride asks me if I think she must wear some false lashes on her wedding day.

Why do I suggest you fake it you may ask?

I find that it just puts it all into proportion, as lashes and eyebrows tend to be the first thing that disappears in a photograph. Therefore, I always like to pay attention to the finer details and amp up the lashes just a bit. You want to be sure that they are visible as your wedding photos will probably become one of your most treasured possessions and you never want to feel like you looked so much better in real life.

What’s great about falsies is that they are super easy to apply, last the whole day (and night) and are even easier to remove. The only commitment you will be making is to your new husband…

Just because they are called false lashes, doesn’t mean that you will look false, choosing the correct pair can still look natural or just adding a few clusters at the outer corner of the eye to give you a more defined look.

There are no limit to the looks you can create as there is so much on offer. Strip lashes vary in length, texture and shape. They can add volume, fullness and or length. Give you a cat eye effect or a doe eyed look. By choosing a strip lash, the work is already done for you and it can just be applied.

Individual clusters take a few minutes longer than the strip lashes but allows you to easily control the effect you want. You can apply as little or as many as you are comfortable wearing!

Considering the impact it has on your over all look with the added bonus of not being ridiculously expensive –  I suggest you fake it ladies:)