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Eyebrows are the thing right now. Just spend  2 minutes on Instagram or open a magazine and you will notice that eyebrows are “everything”.. Long gone are the days that we changed our lip-color to change our look. We can now not only change our brow color but also the shape. Our brows influences our makeup and also our face shape even when we not wearing make up.

Eyebrow goals


If our eyes are the windows to our soul , our eyebrows would be the frames. A tidy brow can upgrade a natural or a no makeup look.

As Bobbi Brown always say : “A defined eyebrow instantly makes you look more polished.”

Un-kept brows take away attention from that perfectly blended eyeshadow. Making your eyebrows too dark , risks a harsh appearance while not shading in brows can make you look washed out. Especially on photo’s as the flash softens everything. Often leaving you with the appearance of only half an eyebrow.

Eyebrows speak loud


Okay, so now we went through the why’s and why not’s lets look at the how to for everyday brow grooming. Its really simple so you don’t need to be a makeup artist to keep those brows on “fleek”.

Number one: Comb your eyebrows daily. This doesn’t take you more than a minute therefore I think its an absolute must.

Combing upwards and outwards generally works on most brows to give them a natural lifted look. Which will give your face an instant lift.

If you have naturally full and even brows or feel like being au natural -you can skip number two and go straight to Number three.

Number two: You can now go in with your color be it a pencil ( the thin ones work great as they are super easy to control), gel or powder on an angled brush. The point of this is to just add some color to the face ,filling in spaces areas and or evening our the natural shape or even for the brave creating a new shape.

Start at the inner corner (closest to the bridge of your nose) using soft strokes make your way outward. Always take a step back to look at the brows objectively. Ask yourself:

Are they even in tone ,opacity, shape and length? If there are a few bare spaces go back and fill them in.

Number three: Set those eyebrows to stay in neat and place the whole day. Use a clear brow gel as it maintains the lifted look and also helps to tame any unruly or curly hair. Once again coming upwards then outwards. This is something men could use as well as it is completely clear.

As you can see its fairly simple to define your eyebrows. Having it shaped professionally is highly recommended as it makes a whole lot easier while minimizing the time you spend on them every morning.

Eyebrows in shape

That’s it from me today, Blazing Beauties. I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep an eye out for my next post about the best eyebrow products for what purpose and choosing the right tone for your eyebrows.

Much Love


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